How to set default port for grails application

01 / Feb / 2011 by Uday Pratap Singh 4 comments

As we all know the default port for grails application is 8080, though we can change the port by running the application by following command
grails -Dserver.port=7070 run-app

What if you want the application to run on 7070 by default. Grails provide a very easy way to that as well. You just need to write the following lines in you buildConfig.groovy file

And you are done. Now your application will run on 7070 by default, you dont need to provide the port again and again.

Hope it helps
Uday Pratap Singh


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  1. Uday Pratap Singh

    Hi Lalit
    Are you trying to say that we should change the port in grails script? I dont think it would be advisable to change the grails default configuration because this will become the default port for all other applications using same GRAILS_HOME.
    I dont find it to be a good practice to change the grails code.

  2. Lalit

    You can check the below link for port settings in latest GRAILS distribution


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