[INFOGRAPHICS] Fundamentals of Migrating Content to AEM

24 / Nov / 2015 by Yoosuf

The process of migrating your website to AEM involves a number of preliminary steps followed by the three steps of an ETL cycle.

The preliminary steps involve:

1. Creating a site inventory: This involves compilation of all web pages and its properties that are to be migrated to AEM.

2. Creating a sitemap and a wireframe: The sitemap documents how your content should appear in the new website and the wireframe is a blueprint of the new website template that will help you visualize the content in it.

3. Do a sanity check of the content for any errors or other potential issues, organize the content as per the sitemap before uploading it on AEM.

The whole process of content migration can be manual or automated.

The difference between automated and manual content migration and the steps involved in automated content migration are detailed in the infographics below:

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Fundamental Guide for Migrating Content to AEM | TO THE NEW