Content Migration to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Content migration is the process of moving your website with all its content and digital assets from one platform to another. This data migration can either be done manually or in an automated manner. One of the most effective CMS (Content Management Solution) available today is the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM implementation is...

by Anila Wadhera
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[INFOGRAPHICS] Fundamentals of Migrating Content to AEM

The process of migrating your website to AEM involves a number of preliminary steps followed by the three steps of an ETL cycle. The preliminary steps involve: 1. Creating a site inventory: This involves compilation of all web pages and its properties that are to be migrated to AEM. 2. Creating a sitemap and a wireframe: The...

by Yoosuf
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CQ5/AEM, Technology

Content Migration in AEM using SlingPostServlet

A very basic migration flow looks as follows: In this scenario, you have a CMS(that could be Sitecore, Drupal, Wordpress or any other CMS) which has source content that needs to be migrated to AEM. To achieve this, we typically need to do following things: Get content from source CMS in any format(XML, CSV, etc) Process this...

by Vivek Sachdeva
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Debugging in AEM

While working on one of a complex requirements in our Adobe CQ5 / AEM project , we felt the need to continuously observe the flow. Though, logs are of good help but we wanted to analyze the complete flow . In this scenario, debugging feature in IDE becomes very handy. Software Stack being used :  CQ Server : AEM 5.6.1 IDE :...

by Geetika Chhabra
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