Infographic – Comparing Drupal, AEM and Sitecore? 7 Key Features to Consider!

29 / Mar / 2017 by Kinshuk D Jhala 0 comments

We have witnessed a drastic technological transformation in the recent years. Companies are adopting various digital technologies to stay ahead in the competition including Cloud, Mobile, Data, Analytics and more. Out of the multiple advances, content management is also quickly gaining traction.

Traditionally, without a Web Content Management System businesses used to find it extremely challenging to manage multiple authors producing different content, define administrative rights for different content producers, self-publish content without any dependency and so on.

With multiple web and enterprise content management systems offering a multitude of content management features, managing content came handy. This infographic provides a quick comparison between three leading content management systems namely Drupal, AEM, and Sitecore.

Comparison between Drupal, AEM and Sitecore


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