Installing CloneZilla on USB drive using Ubuntu.

22 / Oct / 2011 by Hitesh Bhatia 0 comments

Clonezilla is a software that allows you to do bare metal backup and recovery.

To install Clonezilla we would need following Softwares, all of which are available freely.

  1. 7zip ( p7zip-full_9.04~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb)
  2. Tuxboot (tuxboot-linux-8 )
  3. Clonezilla (clonezilla-live-1.2.6-40-i686.iso)

Here are the steps to install CloneZilla

  1. Install 7zip required to install Tuxboot
    1. sudo dpkg -i p7zip-full_9.04~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb
    2. It would show something like
    3. (Reading database … 168886 files and directories currently installed.)
    4. Preparing to replace p7zip-full 9.04~dfsg.1-1 (using p7zip-full_9.04~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb) …
    5. Unpacking replacement p7zip-full …
    6. Setting up p7zip-full (9.04~dfsg.1-1) …
    7. Processing triggers for man-db …
    8. And Step 1 is done. 7Zip is Installed.

2. Run tuxboot

    1. By default tuxboot is not executable , change it permission to make it.
    2. chmod +x tuxboot-linux-8
    3. Run tuxboot with sudo permission
    4. sudo ./tuxboot-linux-8
    5. Set the values as shown in image

    5.1. Select Diskimage – then in adjacent dropdown select iso
    5.2. And then select the clonezilla image ( the one you downloaded)
    5.3. Type – usb drive
    5.4. Press “OK” . And let it complete. It will ask to reboot afterwards , but you can also reboot later

3. And your clonezilla usb is ready now. You may now use it to clone systems.

Hitesh Bhatia

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