Is your Drupal 8 Ready for Writing Codes?

Are you excited to write your own code in Drupal 8? But wait a second, Drupal's cache may kill all your development hours. This blog is for you, if you are facing any of the following challenges. Are you struggling to see your changes on web pages? Every time, you change a piece of code, it doesn't reflect until you clear...

by Ashish Thakur
Tag: Ubuntu

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Installing latest Puppet master and agent setup on ubuntu14.04

This blog post focuses on installation and configuration of two node Puppet setup, i.e. a Puppetmaster (or master) and an agent. Puppet is an open source configuration management tool used for automation of administration jobs across big server farms. It is written in ruby and uses DSL (Domain specific language) to write codes known as...

by Sharad Aggarwal
Tag: Ubuntu


Cgroups and Namespaces On Ubuntu

Hello folks. Before diving into the concepts of cgroups and namespaces on ubuntu, there are a few things one must be clear with. 1) Virtualization : Its a method or technique used to run an operating system on top of another operating system. The hardware resources are fully utilized and will be shared by each of the operating...

by Prakashul
Tag: Ubuntu


Auditing Your Ubuntu Servers

You might be wondering how to audit your Ubuntu server / your Ubuntu local machine. Well, In this blog I will show you how easy it is do so. Auditing can be done by many ways of which few we shall discuss here. There are 3 following scenarios which we will be discussing :- 1.Finding from where logins are done & commands are executed ...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
Tag: Ubuntu


Gradle installation in Ubuntu

In this post we are going to learn about Gradle installation in Ubuntu 14.04. 1. Open terminal and execute this command to install Gradle $ sudo apt-get install gradle This command will set the path variables automatically. And, you are ready to work with Gradle. code 2. Download Gradle from the official website and extract...

by Navkrishna
Tag: Ubuntu


Install RhoSync on ubuntu 11.10 (with fix)

Recently, I was trying to install RhoMobile suite on my ubuntu11.10 machine. And faced some issues for installing 'rhosync' package. This blog tells how to fix these issues (as they worked for me).   I am assuming ruby and gem are already installed on your machine. Note: if you are on older version of ruby please upgrade to...

by Salil
Tag: Ubuntu


Sending email through command line with Mutt

In one of the shell scripts I was reading I saw a usage of mutt text-based command line email client. Mutt can be used to send out the emails from the production machines or any other servers where you do not have access to the browsers or UI based email clients. Sometimes it is essential to send out a particular log file to certain...

by Abhishek Tejpaul
Tag: Ubuntu


Auto Completion for Grails Scripts with Dynamic Version Determination

We are constantly striving to be more productive by minimizing key-strokes for a lot of commonly used shell commands. Alias is one way of achieving it, but it isn't always the answer. Bash auto completion is one feature that I use a lot. To avoid the hassles of working with multiple grails projects, I use this script and for auto...

by Vivek Krishna
Tag: Ubuntu


How to Set-up SSL certificates on your Linux server

In one of my project, I have to set-up SSL certificates for my website to make it secure, so that it could also be access via https protocol. SSL is a way to secure internet communication from your browser to a secure website. The websites using SSL will have https:// to their name. Following are the steps to set-up SSL certificate on...

by Gautam Malhotra
Tag: Ubuntu


Set-up SSL Communication between two Linux servers Using Keytool Command

In one of my project, My front end application runs on one server and back end application runs on another. Both application have to communicate with each other through SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is a way to secure internet communication from your browser to a secure website. The websites using SSL will have https:// to their name. ...

by Gautam Malhotra
Tag: Ubuntu


Forgot Root Password in Linux, How to Reset Root Password through GRUB?

Hi,   It is a major problem when we forgot our root password in linux. But don't know how to recover it. First thought that came to mind reinstall machine. But I found a way that might help you without reinstall and save your hours. It is a interesting trick in linux to get back our root password in few minutes. I used it on ubuntu...

by Tarun Pareek
Tag: Ubuntu