Introduction to Android Smart Watch

04 / Feb / 2016 by Suchit Kapoor 0 comments


Android Wear is a way to connect your smart phone to watch through blue-tooth. It runs on Android OS and provide syncing to your Android smart device. You can see incoming calls, sms, calendar notifications, app notifications, Settings etc.


The Use of android wear is not too much out of box, It depends how you use it. If you want your device control on your wrist you can get through it. Basically it provide functionality through multiple ways like voice commands and notification of your devices that may be of your app, Calendars, call etc. However it may blast in future.


If you are early adapter then it good to have it now. It provides a good way to save your phone battery since you can see your all noifications in that which may reduce the use of phone and save phone’s battery life. One more thing It can help you to find your phone which is near to you.

Technical implementation

it is not difficult to develop an app for watch, if you are familiar to android mobile development. I am sharing a source code of a demo in which whenever the app would installed on mobile end, it will automatically installed on your watch which is sync with your phone(if it is signed apk).The sample is having source code to set up a communication between phone and watch. Following is link of git repo-

Also I have developed an app for watch that is Wear Camcorder. Below is link of an app-

Please install it and let me know your reviews on Play-store.


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