JSChannel Conference 2015: Summarizing the thoughts

22 / Jul / 2015 by Sakshi Tyagi 0 comments

Javascript ninjas from TO THE NEW Digital travelled all the way to Bengaluru for JSChannel Conference 2015.


The weather was perfect to start the first day of the conference. There were renowned Javascript aficionados present from all around the world. The day was kicked off with the keynote by Douglas Crockford(Author of “JavaScript: The Good Parts” and discoverer of JSON format). The crowd was very keen to watch him speak about UPGRADING THE WEB. He shed light on web security, helper applications and strong cryptography. He answered questions by the eager audience with his great knowledge and sense of humor.

The keynote was followed by two sessions:

1. FUNCTIONAL REACTIVE PROGRAMMING IN JAVASCRIPT by Charanjit Singh in which he disscussed about Rxjs and observables.

2. JS PERFORMANCE DEEP DIVE by Apoorv Saxena who talked about how one can monitor and improve upon performance of web pages. “DNS prefetch” was something which quite a lot of people were not familiar with.

Post lunch there were two tracks of sessions, WEBGL AND THREEJS by Joe Pettersson and BUILDING A MINI ANGULAR FRAMEWORK FROM THE GROUND UP by Magesh K.

Day 1 ended with a Lightening talk where some of the attendees spoke about their ideas.


Day 2

Second day started with a keynote by Yehuda Katz, a member of Ember.js team. He orated upon Web frameworks and where Ember.js fits in. Quoting Yehuda “The trick to scale is Isolation”.

Following that was much awaited topic of the conference, ANGULAR 2.0 VS AURELIA by Adriaan de Jonge, CTO AT XEBIA, INDIA. He showcased the diferences between Angular 1.x, Angular 2.0 and Aurelia with hands on examples.

Among the other talks presented were:


2.Two parallel workshops on REACT AND FLUX by Christian Lilley and DESIGN THINKING AND DOING by David Hoffer.

The Day wrapped up with an enlightening panel disscussion. Joe Pettersson, Douglas Crockford, Yehuda Katz and Christian Lilley were on the panel. The pace with which Javascript and web frameworks are evolving was the starting point of the disscussion. One of the interesting debate was on whether we should concentrate and invest more time on web applications or game based applications.

Among the other highlights of the event, NodeBot was the one which gathered a lot of attention. Curious little Bot,made entirely on raspberry pi was clicking and tweeting pictures of the attendees.bot All in all, it was a very fruitful experience. Quite excited for the next JSChannel Conference. 🙂


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