Sakshi Tyagi

Full stack software developer

AWS, Cloud

TechFluence 2018: 1 Day To Go!!!

After 4 successful editions of Grails Conferences, TO THE NEW is back with something big this time and it covers a broad spectrum of technologies. Introducing our flagship annual technology conference TechFluence. The conference sets the stage for learnings on technologies such as Blockchain, AWS, Docker, Java, Spring, NodeJS, React,...


Experience Design, Front End Development

Progressive Web Apps : A Philosophy for Modern App Development

With the advent of "Mobile first" approach, more and more applications are moving from web-only platform to both Web and Mobile. Now it sounds great to have my application work on both the platforms but the time and efforts doubles. PWA comes into picture here by helping build a web application which works as a mobile app or at least as...


Android, iOS

Simplistic Fullscreen Image Viewer: React Native

If you are working with the latest version of React Native like 0.35 or above, then there are lot of modules available to show an image in full screen mode. Now the twist here is when you are working with the older version of React Native. In this blog, I wanted to share how I implemented this use case on the application on React...


Front End Development, Mobility

Write once use anywhere : React native components

React native is the latest cool thing in mobile development world now a days backed by super cool “Facebook”. People are trying their hands more and more on it. This blog is for all those people who have just started working on React Native and looking for modularizing their code into component based architecture for re-usability. ...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Fullstack 2016, London : Day 2 (The fun continues)

We were already spell bound by the city of London, its culture, people and must mention the weather . Day 1 at Fullstack conf was like a dream. Awesome people, apt venue, lots of goodies , what not. Filled with excitement we reached Code Node before time, just to attend Todd Motto's keynote. About Todd Motto, if you are reading...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Fullstack Conf 2016, London : 5 days to go

Developer conferences are a great source of learning about advancement in technology and share thoughts with people in developers community. Two Javascript enthusiasts from To The NEW are very excited to attend Fullstack Conf to be held in London from 13th July -15th July ,2016. Its a great pride to have one of our engineers,...


AngularJS, Node.js

How to Internationalize your website in 10 minutes

Okay so let me come straight to the point that all of us need to provide multi-language support with our websites at some point of time. In such a competitive time, if we can find a short and effective way to do it without getting into much complexity then we are definitely one step ahead of others. So less of talking now and I will...


Node.js, Technology

JSChannel Conference 2015: Summarizing the thoughts

Javascript ninjas from TO THE NEW Digital travelled all the way to Bengaluru for JSChannel Conference 2015. DAY 1   The weather was perfect to start the first day of the conference. There were renowned Javascript aficionados present from all around the world. The day was kicked off with the keynote by Douglas Crockford(Author...


AngularJS, Node.js

NodeSchool – Delhi NCR, 2015

And we returned with yet another successful NodeSchool event which was bigger than the last one. NodeSchool-Delhi NCR was conducted on July 4, 2015 at TO THE NEW Digital office. This community event basically got its inspiration from NodeSchool - an open source project run by people in order to enable others to organize more community...



Sending iCal invite using Node Js

Sending event invites through an email is a common use case nowadays in applications. In this blog, we will briefly cover the steps to accomplish this using Node.js. Node.js provide various npm modules for sending iCal invite. We have customized one of the modules and used it according to our use case. You can find the module here . ...



High performance find query using lean() in mongoose

Lets start with a basic find query in mongoose and observe its execution time. [js] Event.find({'schedule.closing': {'$gte': +new Date()}}, {}, {limit:20, skip:0} ).exec(function (err, events){ ........ ........ } ); [/js] In my last project on Nodejs, I have used the above query to fetch the events...



How to get name initials as an image?

While making an application, showing user's image is a very common use case. Gone were the days when we used to show anonymous image in case a person's profile image or display image is not present. We can easily show a person's name initials as an image to identify the person. Like : Lets consider this html, where we use an...