Migrating from grails 1.1.1 to grails 1.2.1

26 / Feb / 2010 by Sachin 1 comments

Recently I migrated my project which is in development from grails version 1.1.1 to grails 1.2.1 using grails upgrade.. and it worked like charm, though there were some issues with a couple of plugins, just upgrading their versions took care of them. The problem came while submitting the forms.

we had created some forms and a few hyper links the problem was the createLink was not functioning properly,

this won’t work with <g:link> either but it works with <a> tag and <form> tag. but that of course is not a good thing to do when u have <g:link> and <g:form> available. The solution was simple

<g:formname="myForm" url="[controller:'controller',action:'action']" method="post">

so avoid using createLink if you have other options, migrating may just become a bit of a niggle if you are using createLink in g:forms and g:links.

I think the problem can be reproduced in g:remoteField and other similar tags.



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  1. Lee Butts


    your issue is likely due to tag calls returning StreamCharBuffer instead of String like they did previously. Did you try adding .toString() on the end of the call to createLink?




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