Realtime Preview Direct from Photoshop to Mobile Device using Skala

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Skala Preview

Have you ever faced problems such as changed font, not enough contrast etc…after reflecting the design on a mobile device?

Probably Yes! The traditional method of previewing the design on mobile devices is a very time consuming model however, It is an essential exercise but also very taxing.

Fortunately, there are some awesome tools using which you can get rid of this overhead. Such tools allow designers to check real-time preview on mobile devices while working on Photoshop, without saving & transferring your image.

Introducing Skala, an application that allows you to transfer your design directly from your workstation (photoshop) to your Android/iOS device without losing its quality and all is done quite beautifully.

preview2 Image: Mirror view of Skala Preview in Skala View

What is Skala View

SKALA VIEW (mobile device) is the comrade app of SKALA PREVIEW (Mac workstation). Using SKALA is the best way to transfer your design from Photoshop to your Android/iOS mobile device without losing its quality.

Features of Skala Preview

  • Realtime Preview- While working on Photoshop, Skala Preview is the fastest way to mirror your Photoshop canvas onto your mobile device without saving your file or pressing any shortcut key.
  • Multiple Device Preview- You can view the preview of your canvas on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Canvas Orientation-  Design can be previewed in Portrait & Landscape view.
  • Color Blindness Testing –  You can ensure that your design will work in the cases of protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia or complete color blindness people.


Installation & Getting Started

Follow the below mentioned steps to get started:

  1. Ensure that your workstation is connected with phone over same wifi network.
  2. Download Skala Preview for Mac
  3. Download Skala View App for android phone and iphone.

     For Android ->

     For iOS->

  1.   Open your photoshop > Go to edit Menu > Remote Connections
  2.    In remote connection dialog box > check for enable remote connection > write “bjango” in    Service Name text field & type any password > then click OK.

Screenshot1Image: Remote Connection Dialog Box

  1.   Restart your photoshop.
  2.   Open Skala Preview app on mac > Click setting > Photoshop Setting > Enter your service     name & password (You have generated in step 4) > click ok > go to connect icon       and Check  Connect Photoshop option.

Screenshot2Image: Settings in Skala Preview

Screenshot3Image: Settings in Skala Preview

Screenshot4Image: Connect to photoshop

  1.    Now open Skala View App in your ios/android mobile > then click on monitor icon shows      on top left corner > and select connect to macbook.

Skala Preview

Skala preview is good to go.
Create any design on Photoshop and it will automatically be reflected on your mobile phone.


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