Agile, AngularJS

Building Intuitive Frontend Interfaces with AngularJS – An Overview!

A successful business requires clean, attractive and intuitive consumer facing the web and mobile properties. A good front-end doesn't just help to create a recall but also drive engagement and generate more business. Engineering a product that is both attractive with a high performance is challenging and requires expertise that...

by Poulomi Nag
Tag: UX Design

Front End Development, HTML/UI/CSS

Realtime Preview Direct from Photoshop to Mobile Device using Skala

Have you ever faced problems such as changed font, not enough contrast etc...after reflecting the design on a mobile device? Probably Yes! The traditional method of previewing the design on mobile devices is a very time consuming model however, It is an essential exercise but also very taxing. Fortunately, there are some awesome tools...

by Amit Kumar Singh
Tag: UX Design