Steps to access and explore CQ Internal Project

27 / Jul / 2014 by Deepak Khetawat 0 comments

The purpose of this blog is to provide generic components and services  functionalities needed  in  projects .

The CQ Internal project is hosted at “”
The Steps to reproduce functionalities of internal project are:

1.Create a new folder where you would like to take checkout of code .

2. Open command Prompt and navigate to the folder location you created above in   repository and then Git clone the project url listed above via command
“git init” then type “git clone”

3. Enter the following build command in command prompt after navigating to your folder location.
“mvn clean install -P auto-deploy”.

4. First time build will fail , kindly create  folder named “install” of type “sling:folder” under /apps/ig-igwebcms directory in crxde and run command again shown in step 3.

5. The project is now in your crxde repository and up and running . In siteadmin create  page using required template  and review functionalities by dragging required component on that page .


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