Tech-A-Thon in TO THE NEW

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Tech-A-Thon event, where young software developers meet, collaborate and work together to create new-gen applications, was organised at TO THE NEW on 25th September, in collaboration with ShopClues & LoudShout.

The event began with the registration of participants & distribution of T-Shirts as goodies from ShopClues, followed by insightful sessions from Industry experts. Ankush Sharma, Director of Engineering, Adobe, Vivek Goyal, Developer Solutions Architect, Microsoft and Vangapelli Santhosh Kumar, B2B Startup, Founder & CTO shared their personal experience in the Industry along with their technical prowess that they have wielded for effective program development.

Around 40-50 developers participated making the event a fruitful occasion in which great programming talents from different organizations met and exchanged their experience and excellence. They were grouped into 10 teams for the activity that followed in the 2 days.techathlon4

There was lot of excitement in the the premises as the Tech-A-Thon event started.  Every team discussed their ideas on boards, glass doors and brainstormed further to resolve the challenges kept in front of them. The hall was filled with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Most of them were burning the midnight oil to accomplish the tasks assigned.

Team Dicussions

Everyone had a unique Idea which they built from scratch in just 48 hours using various technologies like – Grails, Groovy, MongoDB, NodeJS, Android, & PhoneGap.

As time passed on everyone was so excited about the outcome of what they have been building for more than a day. There were lots of discussions happening around the current status & pending tasks. On Sunday morning everyone was so focused on reviewing, testing their applications and creating presentations about what they have accomplished in the event.





The Judges for the event were Sanjay Sethi – CEO & Co-founder of, Deepak Mittal – CEO of TO THE NEW  & Amitabh Misra – ECommerce Architect. There were lot of questions from judges regarding the technologies used, application & ideas.

We are very proud to inform TO THE NEW emerged as the winner of Tech-A-Thon 2015. They had built an interactive chat application called “Ping” that offered features like messaging, video chat & video conferencing.

The Tech-A-Thon ended with great words from Deepak Mittal. “We are really proud to co-sponsor Tech-a-Thon. This is a great initiative to enlighten this exciting ecosystem and bring together the tech community in order to explore new opportunities. This not only brings out news ideas but also promote visionary entrepreneurship”.


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