Puneet Behl

I am Puneet Behl working as Associate Technical Lead at TO THE NEW in Technology division. Please go through my blog posts below

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Grails 3 – Migrating from Filters to Interceptors

Grails 3 comes with lots of new features and performance improvements, one of them being Interceptors which is a kind of a replacement for Filters from earlier versions of Grails. Filters are used to apply logic across the whole group of Controllers, URI, or to a particular action and are used in most of the Grails projects. ...


Grails, Technology

Configuring Grails 3 application with ASCII Docs

Documentation is a very important aspect in any software development project because it helps us to understand how our software application works. Recently, I have been trying to give back to Grails community by updating existing plugins to Grails 3, creating and updating documentation of Grails plugins and by opening bug report....


Grails, Technology

University Day @ GR8Conf EU 2016

The day one at GR8Conf EU June 2016 Copenhagen, Denmark which is university day was pretty awesome with lots of hands-on  exercises or labs in each session. Also, we got very cool mugs following are the pics: The first day of the GR8Conf went beyond our expectations. The atmosphere, the sessions and the speakers really made the...


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A day before GR8Conf EU 2016

It's finally here. The 2016 edition of GR8Conf EU in Copenhagen is starting from today. We have been coming to GR8Conf EU from last 5+ years. Just like every year, the line-up of sessions & speakers is really great. The Global part of the conference is accentuated by the attendees & speakers who are coming from 20+ nations. ...


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Tech-A-Thon in TO THE NEW

Tech-A-Thon event, where young software developers meet, collaborate and work together to create new-gen applications, was organised at TO THE NEW on 25th September, in collaboration with ShopClues & LoudShout. The event began with the registration of participants & distribution of T-Shirts as goodies from ShopClues,...


Grails, Technology

Let’s upgrade existing plugins to Grails3

Now that Grails 3, the most anticipated release of Grails is out, which comes with lot of new features like: Gradle Build System. Notion of application profiles. Redesigned API based on Traits. New shell & Code generation API. Build in support for Spock/Geb functional tests. Gradle Test Running etc. The Grails core...



Map-Reduce in MongoDB

Map-reduce is a data processing paradigm for condensing large volumes of data into useful aggregated results. Basically, in MongoDB map-reduce contains two JavaScript functions map and reduce. The map functions emits key-value pair. And for those keys which have multiple values reduce function collect and condenses aggregated data. ...



Using Ftp with Grails

In one of my Grails project I need to drop files over ftp server. Using JSch one can easily transfer files over sftp. Just follow the below steps. 1. Add the below dependency to Grails project "grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy" file [sourcecode language="groovy"] dependencies { compile 'com.jcraft:jsch:0.1.49' } ...



Script to display Git commits for creating time sheet.

We use "git log" many times a day while using Git in our projects. Sometimes we need to list Git commits between specific dates. Although, Git provides command to do this but the syntax is too long to type. So I created a script named timesheet, which facilitates us to display Git commits between two specific dates or after a...



Querying Domain class with hasMany String Type

In my recent project there was a use case where I had to query domain's hasMany but relationship was not with any domain class but rather String type. Consider example [java] class Blog { static hasMany = [tags: String] } [/java] Now to find all the blogs with tag "grails" , our normal way of querying hasMany relationships...



Getting started with jQuery Mobile

JQuery mobile provides set of features which are supported on almost all smartphones such as touch UI, ajax navigation, animated page transitions. Building jQuery mobile page is very simple, here's how: A jQuery Mobile site must start with an HTML5 'doctype' to take full advantage of all of the framework's features. First of all you...