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At TO THE NEW, we believe that closely knit teams are essential for excellent results. We are in real substance, a people focused company that aims to develop high-caliber multidisciplinary groups. And the rate at which we are growing it becomes more essential and difficult to keep a closely knit team happy and encouraged. To achieve it we constantly endeavour to create an atmosphere of fun and learning, while keeping it energetic and youthful.

We have flexible timings

Achievements with pressure are not an accomplishment. Finishing task in a comfortable way patterns us while scratching an itch adds to our knowledge.

TO THE NEW encourages lifestyle of advancement, and advancement is applied to every aspect of work life, be it planning, developing, programming or examining. Here, every employee is pushed with exciting work and is provided with a workplace, which encourages advancement and team performance; it provides power and ingredients responsibility.

Knowledge Sessions

There are weekly knowledge sessions and a monthly session in addition to weekly ones – like demonstrations or introducing newer tools and technological innovation.

We love outings and celebrations!
Outings and celebrations offer a break in the tedious schedule. So here we have developed a way of life of fun, communications and cooperation with activities such as Annual day celebrations, Birthday Celebrations, Festival celebrations, Group meals, Yearly trips, Night outs etc to make sure our team’s relaxing quotient remains high.

No Dress Code
We adhere to no particular outfit value and our team can select to put on whatever they are relaxed with as long it is decent and acceptable.

We enjoy eating!
We make available fruit juices, delicious home cooked snacks, treats on the house every day and night and also lots of tea, coffee and cookies so the whole workplace can take a group treat crack anytime.

No Internet usage restriction
We do not believe in reducing online utilization and we anticipate our people have fun with their advantages with liability.

Conferences and seminars
We encourage our team to attend as well as present in conferences and seminars like Indic Threads, SpringOne 2GX, etc.


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