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Analytics is a systematic computational analysis of your data and to keep a better record of your online business, it’s now a necessity to implement Digital Analytics.

With rapid digitization, it’s imperative to analyse and evaluate the performance of your online business. So, it becomes more important to invest time in analyzing the analytics.

Website analytics provide you with the actual reports and details on age, gender, location, traffic source (how the user landed on your website), the top/low performing webpage and so on. With these details, you can plan business strategies and grow your business faster.

Nowadays, it is simple to publish your business online with free solutions like Google My Business (GMB). It helps you to create a simple business site by putting a brief overview of your business. In addition to this, it provides some basic insights about the user visits and the number of searches your business had in a period of time.

But if you want to know the in-depth analysis of how your website is performing, what all activities user does and how much conversion/success you are deriving out from it then, Digital Analytics can help you in getting those insights.

Below, are a few areas where analytics can help (though not limited to):

1. No. of visits on your site

A website visitor is someone who views your website. It’s always good to have a visibility on the website traffic, count of visitors on your website, to understand first-time visitors vs frequent visitors.

2. Demographics of your audience

Age, gender, geography are some of the common traits which would help you in targeting the right audience with the right products and services.

3. How visitor came to your website

Analytics provide business a crucial insight by showing how a visitor came to your website. It can be through a search engine (organic or paid), social media, email (promotional) or word of mouth (direct). This is quite helpful in deriving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts (campaign, search engine optimization, social media etc.)

4. Visitor Engagement

Visitor engagement is an estimate of the depth of visitor interaction on the site. A visitor is said to be engaged, if he/she spends time exploring products, sharing pages, adding comments, subscribing to your pages and adding products to his/her wish list etc.

Analytics helps in tracking the searches performed by the user within the website. Hence, analyzing this data helps in optimizing the user experience and engagement.

5. Customer Journey Mapping

To understand the path of the visitor on your website, it’s recommended to have goals and funnels in place to track the customer journey from the start till conversion. For example, you can track form submissions, account creations, button clicks, ebook downloads, etc.

6. How’s my Sales performing

Using Analytics, we can gauge the revenue generated for a particular time period. Through custom reports and dashboards, we can showcase the sales data in an effective and interactive manner. For instance, we can track sales revenue by capturing the transaction details and the same can be shown through reports.

7. How’s my Marketing Spend

With rapid digitization, marketers can estimate the total amount spent on an ad campaign and the revenue generated to assess the performance of a campaign.

8. Page visits and Exit rate

For any given web page on your site, exit rate is the percentage of your visitors who left your site from that page. A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your website that is being tracked by the analytics tracking code. Using analytics, you can easily track what all pages have been viewed by the audience, pages exited by the user. 

As listed above, analytics provides abundant data to collect, measure, analyse, and visualise the performance of your website. Digital tools and analytics, if correctly applied, offer a powerful way to accelerate and amplify your organizational growth. We, at TO THE NEW, have in-house digital analytics certified experts who can help you with your analytics requirement, so as to unleash your business performance.


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