Using aliases in aggregate functions of criteria queries

13 / Feb / 2012 by Puneet Behl 2 comments

When using criteria queries, many times we encounter a use case where we need to order our result not on any field of domain class but on our result set, in these cases aliases can be used.

In my project, use case was to find most liked products from the domain:
Date dateCreated
Product product
To find the result, the query I used was :

ProductStat.createCriteria().list() {
projections {
count("product", "totalProducts") // alias totalProducts
order("totalProducts", "desc")

In this way using alias “totalProducts” I was able to order the result according to the count of products.


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  1. Nita

    Good idea.There are many ways to skin a cat. Here’s another one that’s good for wrciladd queries ( %’). Of course you should validate the data first.def user_params = ‘slug’, ‘category’ def articles = Article.withCriteria for e in params if e.key in user_params ilike e.key, ‘%’ + e.value + ‘%’


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