What our brand logo says!

22 / Jul / 2015 by kriti Awasthi 1 comments

Colours play a very vital role in our lives. All  colours convey some message, they represent different characteristics and they evoke emotions.

While creating brand identity, companies/organisations usually choose their brand color on the basis of what they want to convey to their targeted audience.

Lets see what organizations around the world depict through their brand colors.

color-emotionSource: The Logo Company

We can easily make out that most of the brands tend to associate with 2 or 3 colors and there are only a few logos which have multi colors and they represent diversity.

We too represent diversity.

The logo of TO THE NEW has multi colors. The rock is a metaphor for the birth of the newly formed brand. A new entity. Still hot, still forming, bursting with energy.



The orange color represents confidence, and is also our brand color. We are confident TO DO THE NEW all the time.

We are a global company, which is different in spirit, different in form, different in operating culture. We work on different platforms and provide different services.


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