Why do you need an integrated social media strategy?

30 / Jun / 2015 by Gayatri Deshpande 0 comments

Social Media Marketing is necessary in today’s connected world to communicate with your audience and create brand awareness. It helps you reach a large audience base, which includes your customers and potential customers. With the rise in the adoption of social media, various new platforms have emerged. The choices are endless but do we know the right choice?

With only two or three known social channels, marketers would have had an easy task at hand. But as the digital ecosystem is expanding, adopting multiple social networks is a daunting task. Brands are now facing grave challenges like increased competition, diverse networks, scattered audience to name a few.


One of the most common problems among the marketers is using as many channels as possible in an attempt to reach maximum audience. This leads to a major social media challenge called ‘audience fragmentation’. Audience fragmentation happens with consumers changing preferences and moving from one network to the other. Brands might have relevant audience on one network but little or no audience on the other. They bombard consumers with multiple irrelevant brand messages a day and it’s getting tougher to grab the limited attention span of the consumers.

What can be the reason for this?

Marketers start with a poorly defined strategy and choose all or the latest platforms without a clear understanding of the goals. In no time, the plan fails and social media is termed as a tool that doesn’t meet business goals.

What we need is a cohesive multi-platform social media strategy. We need to take care that the platforms are well integrated and do not operate in silos. Brands need to build effective integrated campaigns to attract the attention of the fragmented audience.

Brands have now started using an integrated social media management tools to manage all the social media platforms and measure KPIs. These advanced social media listening tools help you keep a tab on the pulse of the customer. Such all-in-one social media tools have several features such as message scheduling, app integrations, RSS feed, message archiving, social media dashboards, enhanced analytics reports etc. Brands can definitely benefit by using a well integrated tool for social listening, monitoring, reporting and analytics and seeking help from digital experts.

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