Gayatri Deshpande


Introduction to YouTube SEO

Did you know that each day there are over a billion searches on Facebook and over 300 billion tweets on Twitter. YouTube is definitely far behind in achieving the coveted ‘billion’ mark. A staggering 4+ billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube everyday. Amidst rising competition from other players such as Facebook, YouTube is...



Why do you need an integrated social media strategy?

Social Media Marketing is necessary in today’s connected world to communicate with your audience and create brand awareness. It helps you reach a large audience base, which includes your customers and potential customers. With the rise in the adoption of social media, various new platforms have emerged. The choices are endless but do we...



How digital media made International Yoga Day a global phenomenon?

It is believed that on the day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, Lord Shiva (the first yogi) turned south and set his eyes on the Seven Sages, who spread the knowledge of yoga across the world.  Hence, June 21, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere has a special significance in the history of humanity. Yoga is...