Why We Love YouTube (And You Should, Too!)

22 / Sep / 2015 by Panchi Baruah 0 comments

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YouTube, as the name says, have become a search engine on its own even for those people who are not highly tech-savvy. In almost all cases, every person has seen some videos on YouTube. Yes, people love YouTube but the major question remains “Why?” What makes it so popular among people on the web or mobile? Why is this popular site so addictive? Why are hundreds and thousands of people uploading, viewing, rating and sharing videos on this site?

For this, let’s have a quick run through about the history of world popular site “YouTube”!


Launched in May 2005, YouTube allows people all around the globe to discover, watch and share videos. YouTube provides a medium for people to connect, inspire and inform; and acts as a distribution podium for content creators and advertisers both large and small.

The product of Google Company, YouTube is the new trend!

What could be the reason for such popularity?

Well, no denying that we get instant videos at our fingertips solely because of the wide variety of content that’s shared. Easy to use and the platform to make and share own videos as well as watch the work of others makes it so popular. In fact, this is the reason Google created this site. A product of necessity makes it easy to see why so many folks love it.


YouTube Usage for Own Created Videos:

To use YouTube for own created videos, you can simply create a free account and begin uploading. After creating the account, you get your channel and can use a customized design to personalize your channel.

There are several ways to increase views for the content you are uploading. Some might cheat YouTube views to have a more popular-seeming channel. Why? Simple equation, they want to get more people to like their videos and channel by making it more popular within the network.

Some users might not care about this at all and may only use YouTube to share family videos or to express themselves or to create “How To” content. People love YouTube so much because you have the freedom and control to do anything you want with your content, provided that you follow the set rules.

YouTube Usage to Watch Videos:

Even if you are not interested in creating your videos, you can still enjoy surfing YouTube to watch videos and even download your favourites. Using YouTube to watch content is free and with a wide range of content from across the globe. Many famous artists, musicians, movie reviews, trailers, news, latest gadget updates, and much more put their content up for free. As well so you can listen to music and watch music videos among others.

Some other reasons to love YouTube:

  1. Keeping yourself happy – Your ideas come from a place of genuine interest or passion, so make sure the ideas are sustainable over time. Doing so will increase the enjoyment of maintaining your channel, and keep it going. Remember, it’s not a job if you love it! The fundamentals of this stage are: inspired and sustainable.
  2. Getting viewers – Reach out to acquire your audience and never stop seeking new fans. The fundamentals in this stage are: shareable, discoverable, accessible, and collaborative.
  3. Keeping your viewers happy – Give your viewers what they subscribed for, and maintain the relationship. The fundamentals of this stage are: conversational, interactive, consistent, and targeted.

Upload. Share. Spread. No wonder why everybody loves YouTube, it’s simple and easy to use! We love YouTube and now you should too!



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