Year in Review – Digital Transformation in 2016

02 / Jan / 2017 by kinshuk jhala 0 comments

Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities provided by digital technologies.

Digital Transformation impacts businesses worldwide. Fast paced organizations are able to re-engineer their existing business models and deliver products that can surpass customer expectations and have a deep impact on the bottom line. 

In this blog, we will walk you through events and happenings of Digital Transformation in 2016.

[Infographic] Digital Transformation in 2016


1. Digital Transformation of Industries
2. Conference on digital transformation of European industry
3. MWC 2016
4. Report: People First: The Primacy of People in the Age of Digital Insurance
5. Event: Digital Transformation 2016
6. Success stories for Digital Transformation
7. Global Digital Transformation Security Survey
8. Event: Microsoft Experience//Financial Services
9. Blog – State of Digital Transformation
10. Report: The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World
11. Internet of Things (IoT) Advisory partnership

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