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The parent organization that owns YouTube is Google. From 2006, YouTube operates as one of  Google’s subsidiaries. YouTube has been playing the ultimate Monarch in the field of Digital Video Marketing. Being holding on to the status of the second most used search engine following Google, it is almost impossible to overtake the topmost position that YouTube owns.



However, with the increased revenue rates of digital video, other platforms are becoming active competitors before YouTube. YouTube’s entire focus is on the content creators and the amount of content it owns. According to the survey YouTube stands first when it comes to the Quantity and mass of the content.

As a user, we sometimes lay backward when it comes to the wide range of options available to us and end up lingering upon the hearsay. So an attempt has been made to bring forward the options and platforms other than YouTube, along with a bit information as to what to choose and why.

Let’s take a little divergence and  witness what all other Digital Video sharing platforms are we offered now.

According to the statistics, YouTube has around 72 hours worth of video that is being uploaded on it, every single minute. This gives YouTube a holding on grip over it is users as they have ample of choice of fresh and new content one after the other. However, there are certain shortcomings attached; it somewhere lacks in maintaining the quality of videos and that it where other competitors like Daily Motion and Vimeo are gaining an upper hand.



Daily Motion—Daily Motion was founded in the year 2005. It is a bit similar kind of platform to share your videos and user have access to watch and upload their stuff. While Daily Motion lacks in the quantity of the content of videos yet, it has maintained its quality. So it is playing its trump card with quality content.



Vimeo – Vimeo was founded n 2004 and is again another platform that provides us a network to share our videos and to watch what we want. Other than this Vimeo has some unique features too. There are no distracting banners or 30-second commercials before the video starts which indeed serves as a perk for its users. Along with that, it also provides a password protection to your videos, which you want to share with your friend’s first before making them public. On the contrary, YouTube only has got the feature to keep your videos private, and you can only access to them if you are logged into video’s account.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo has got small niche community of viewers but its modest size creates an intimate and fully engaged community. It is a platform whereby you can reach out the audience who are genuinely interested in your stuff.


fb vs yt

Facebook— Facebook is playing a trick with its users to start thinking of Facebook as a Media outlet, not just a social networking site. This feature of Facebook has created higher hopes amongst the users as to now Facebook will serving as a double platform. However, again it has limitations attached to it. With the coming up of the Facebook feature of video sharing, you only have to rely on the services it curates for you. The videos that show up in the news feed are based on what Facebook wants to bring forward or what might interest you as per the survey. There is no real way to search for a video.




Amazon Video Shorts — Amazon Video Shorts with an aim to replicate the success story of YouTube is approaching the digital video space with a business bent. Amazon offers creators a fully rounded environment so that viewers can make purchases within the already robust Amazon interface.
However, the platform lacks many features primarily like embed features, view count, and feature to follow a particular content creator leaving it on an unstable path for YouTube domination.




ComCast— ComCast challenges from a television broadcast platform. It is believed to be the largest broadcasting company of the world. However, certainly it will face a big problem when it deals with the viewers of the YouTube. A wise advice for ComCast that ComCast should certainly think whether it really wants to compete with the leading head of Digital Video Platform (YouTube).

Despite YouTube’s dominance in the online video sharing market, competitor Dailymotion says that “There is space for alternatives to flourish, and users say they prefer having choices in video platforms.” There are new opportunities for alternatives online video players with the growing consumers’ appetite for video.


Yt crown


The battle of opting out who is the best is an ongoing process, and it majorly depends on the reason as to why you are using a video hosting website. Still we can conclude that YouTube is like the Olympian God Zeus, sitting at the Zenith watching the playful acts of the other emerging platforms. YouTube is in a way, the creator of the video platform and if any other channel ever try to compete and threaten it’s Godhead then YouTube might like the creator of the world turn to God, who threw his angel Satan out of the heaven to suffer as he challenged the throne of the God.


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