4 Principles of well-designed web UI

30 / Nov / 2012 by Rajan Shergill 4 comments

Web Designing is nowadays not only just the way to promote our product & services, but is designed and coded to make the website user friendly. It guides user to learn and enjoy what they are doing which makes user to visit your website regularly and explore what you have to share.

Here are few points :

  1. Placements : Placement of content is one of the most important part of designing which makes user attract or ignore your web page.  A good design is with heading, subheadings, paragraph, bullets etc. and their proper usage.
  2. Proper Vocabulary : The heading, subheading, forms, menu, links should be named according to users understanding  with the most common terms, and should not be named according to user’s likes and creativity.
  3. Typography and Whitespace : The usage of fonts and whitespace is the most important thing on the webpage, which makes the user comfortable/uncomfortable with your webpage. Your fonts should have sufficient whitespace according to your design, so that things don’t become hoch-poch and user simply gets what your website speaks.
  4. Flow : The other most important thing is flow of your page, like how your content is placed. For example – if you are working with an NGO site, the donate button should be placed on the first half of your page from the top, and should be highlighted.

Rajan Shergill


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  1. Nanda Kumar

    I think that the modern websites are having more digital content like images, audios, videos embedded in a web page – as a background, in the sidebars, footers, streaming videos are on an all-time high now.

    Create a minimalistic website should be given more priority to the user’s needs and requirements from the website must be guaranteed beyond the appealing and attractive website,

    Great post. Keep going.
    Nanda Kumar,


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