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Building Intuitive Frontend Interfaces with AngularJS – An Overview!

A successful business requires clean, attractive and intuitive consumer facing the web and mobile properties. A good front-end doesn't just help to create a recall but also drive engagement and generate more business. Engineering a product that is both attractive with a high performance is challenging and requires expertise that...

by Poulomi Nag
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iOS, Mobility

Basic Implementaion of Drag & Drop Feature with UICollectionView

In WWDC 2017 Apple has introduced Drag & Drop Interaction API with iOS 11. This API will help to implement Drag & Drop feature within the same application or between different iOS applications. But for now, this API is enabled only in iPad. Now we will learn how to implement Drag & Drop feature in UICollectionView. This...

by Ashu Baweja
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Front End Development, Technology

How to Make a Progress Scheduler?

Have you heard about Progress Schedulers? You might have often seen Progress Schedulers on websites and applications these days. These schedulers can display a whole lot of information in a sleek and confined way. They can be seen as schedulers to depict a day’s schedule and as status tracking systems like tracking packages on...

by Himanshi Gera
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Experience Design

Tips for creating impactful and efficient User Interface

This blog intend to highlight some good to know tips for creating impactful and efficient UI. The main aim of user interface is to provide a better solution which makes user life easy, simple, logical and clear. Below are some points which User-Interface designers should consider while creating UI Designs. 1. Design should be...

by Sonika Chhonkar
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Fall back to use a jQuery file on your web server, if it can’t be loaded from CDN

Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers that hosts various resources such as CSS, images, JavaScript files etc. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. provides a free public CDN to download resources instead of hosting it on your own server. Advantages of using a CDN:- 1. Distributed CDN servers : The...

by Poonam Baveja
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AWS, Technology

Docker User Interface using Simple Docker UI App

I have always loved using Docker the traditional way. Running commands like docker run etc. has been the way we use Docker. While surfing the internet, I found this chrome app which can be downloaded and installed via google chrome and easily be used for getting a user-interface for your Docker Engine. It simplifies the way we use Docker....

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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Difference b/w Display:inline and inline-block

The CSS property "Display" is very useful and commonly used property of CSS which contains lots of values. In this blog we'll talk about only "display:inline" and "display:inline-block". We generally use both these properties to allow other elements to sit to their left and right but it has some difference which is explained below. ...

by Kapil Chotwani
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Common Mistakes of PSD to Responsive Conversion

In the world of web, technology is changing everyday. Smartphones and tablets are changing the way of internet usage and taking web everywhere. Responsive web design (RWD) is around from some years now. CSS media query is helping us in making of responsive template for different resolution of mobiles and tablets. What is Responsive Web...

by Kapil Chotwani
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4 Principles of well-designed web UI

Web Designing is nowadays not only just the way to promote our product & services, but is designed and coded to make the website user friendly. It guides user to learn and enjoy what they are doing which makes user to visit your website regularly and explore what you have to share. Here are few points : Placements : Placement...

by Rajan Shergill
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Grails:Domain Design Via Intellij Idea’s Diagrams

Here is an example of how to design Grails domain class with Intellij Idea.For this we need to have blank domain classes. So lets say we created  three Domain Classes Company,Book,Author To see relationship diagram, Selected Domain Class, and selected tab Domain Class Dependencies.It should look like this Lets assume the...

by Hitesh Bhatia
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The HTML <canvas> tag is used for creating graphics on the fly. It can be used for rendering graphs, game graphics, or other visual images.   To draw on the canvas, the <canvas> tag is used in conjunction with the getContext(contextId) method.   Any content between the <canvas></canvas> tags is...

by Umar
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