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Rajan Shergill

Expertise in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and JQuery Explorer, Good Knowledge of Photoshop, UI Developer LinkedIn :, Twitter :


Working with CSS- calc()

Working with CSS- calc() These days CSS has the ability to do some cool stuff like animations, gradients, transforms, creating sophisticated interfaces with flexible box layouts etc. In this blog we will learn how to use the calc() CSS function, which is very useful for calculation in CSS. How to use it: calc() allow us to use the...



Using Media queries with Sass

While starting work on redesign of an existing site, I was suggested to give CSS preprocessors like Less/SCSS a try.  I was thrilled by the features of SCSS and started woking on it and I would like to share my experience about writing media queries in SCSS with you guys. In SCSS, we can use if/else condition like any other...



Important Tips while creating Email Newsletter

In many of our projects we sometimes need to create the E-mail newsletters for our clients so that it can help them market their products well. Following are some of the tips that we can keep in our mind while creating e-mail newsletters: 1. Color Hexa-Code Make sure you specify the six digits color codes esp. for the ones which...



4 Principles of well-designed web UI

Web Designing is nowadays not only just the way to promote our product & services, but is designed and coded to make the website user friendly. It guides user to learn and enjoy what they are doing which makes user to visit your website regularly and explore what you have to share. Here are few points : Placements : Placement...



Using Pixel Perfect

Hello everybody, For the last couple of years, I have been working with HTML and CSS and lot of times we need to match our HTML page with the client sent PSDs. Firefox provides an add-on called Pixel Perfect for this. It helps us to overlay jpg files (extracted from the PSDs) on the HTML page created by the UI developer. This is how...



Setting count bubble in jQuery mobile Accordian Head

Sometimes we want to show count bubble in Accordion head that is different from the what jQuery mobile provides by default. To add count bubble to Accordian head, we use following piece of code: [html]</pre> <h2>Heading<span...



Making a text vertical aligned in a DIV

Recently in my project I had to implement one page in which an image and the related text had to be shown side by side using the DIV tags, where the text needed to be centered vertically with respect to the image. Example : Let's take a scenario where we cannot use vertical-align with DIV to display the text in center adjacent to the...