7 CRAZY First YouTube Videos Ideas to Try!

14 / May / 2016 by Vritika Shrivastava 6 comments

Okay! It seems a little frightening to upload a video on your YouTube channel that gets created by default when you log in to your Gmail account. I am a passionate YouTube expert, and I recommend we all should, first of all, come out of the nervous state of mind and believe that there’s no PERFECT idea or FORMULA to decode how to be famous and a reliable YouTuber. Stop craving for perfection when it comes to your first video on your YouTube channel.

These are 7 CRAZY first YouTube videos ideas, you should definitely give a shot for your YouTube channel (Please stop worrying and go for it!)

  1. 10 Fun Facts about you and Your channel

A good way to introduce yourself to who you are and what are your favorites, what are your goals in life and what’s your channel going to be all about. Make it FUN!


  1. Your Crazy Holiday Hangout with Friends

Crazy holiday spot with amazing friends of yours, introducing yourself and your friends to your viewers and do a fun game/one liner together as an intro video. Please remember -This needs to be spontaneous and CRAZY!

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  1. Unboxing Your favorite Products Bought Online

This is quite an exciting and trending idea as the first video for quite a time. This is an excellent way to create community for your new channel and gain like-minded followers as many of them might request you to share your reviews too about the products you bought online and that could be your second video topic 🙂

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  1. Tutorials (Pick what you feel is from your field/your expertise and go for it)

This one is for the ones who think they know their subject of expertise and can share their knowledge with useful tips or tutorials. Just make sure you have good reputation and comments from your loved ones on your first tutorial videos! It really counts to get instant viewers who will love to watch your content based on the popularity

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  1. I have an Opinion VIDEO! (For anybody who loves to talk on trending topics, Social evils or anything actually that needs to CHANGE)

This is easy when you have an opinion about anything! Just be socially aware of trends about this one!

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  1. DIY Video (Do It Yourself, Show your creative side!)

Anybody can do it and you guide them when you do it yourself J It could be anything that you have made! Like a best out of a waste idea that you had learned in school and wish to do it as your first video for your channel! Go for it.

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  1. A Bucket List/A Wish List Video (CRAZY isn’t it :P)

It can be as cool and sober as a wish list or as fun and crazy as a bucket list! Whatever it embraces it and go for this as your first video on your YouTube Channel!

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I hope you liked 7 crazy ideas shared here.  I would love to hear from all readers and Newers here about the same!

Happy YouTubers Make Happy Videos to make their Followers and Viewers happy!

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  1. Norman

    Cool ideas, but I think that all YouTubers have already used it. If you want your channel to be unique than you need new ideas and new videos. With that may help you to collect competitor’s keywords and tags. Also Kparser will help you to create new ideas.

  2. Vincent

    A most awaited post for many people who are trying to set up a YouTube channel. The first video that I uploaded was a blurry video gameplay which did not stand out :P. I would recommend most of the people to carry out the first point because it’s cool and seems professional 🙂 Good job writing this.

    1. Vritika Shrivastava

      Wow Vincent! Great to hear from you! Do share link of your YouTube channel and hoping to see you implement the ideas shared here for the same 🙂 I am happy you liked this one more! Thanks for your comment!

    2. Nerma

      I have also tried to set up my channel with children entertainment like my subject….butt it seems vety bad counting my views.. take a look BHPlaY


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