GA4 Guide: 7 New Features you Should Know About

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Google is one of the popular search engines that is constantly changing. The company released Google Analytics 4, which offers enhanced tracking and reporting compared to the UA property. GA4 is a new kind of property with modern features, offering a better experience to the user. It enables website and application data to gather separately. In addition, Google Analytics 4 is specially designed to replace the GA360 and Universal Analytics.

GA4 Guide: 7 New Features you Should Know About

Google Analytics 4 is installed on the existing Universal Analytics report. For those who are interacting Google Analytics for the first time, GA4 is the new version. It is versatile, so you can utilize it for gathering information on mobile devices, websites, and others. Keep reading the post to learn about the seven latest features of Google Analytics 4 that you should know:

1. Improved Prediction
Machine Learning is the perfect choice for enhanced insights and predictions. It uses extensive information to discover the latest trends and recommend videos to the user. Recently machine learning has been dried in Google Analysis 4 and easily reached via Analysis Hubs. For instance, a forecast of expected sales for a particular target group can help users with utilizing existing resources more productively. Marketers or Advertisers can thus expect the way of behaving of various target groups and focus on building more grounded relationships with promising client groups. Additionally, Users can create target groups for Google Advertisements and show comparing content in view of the dissected information. These metrics are intended to assist organizations with expanding their return for capital invested (ROI).

Improved Prediction Improved Predictions 1

2. Codeless Tracking Events
Google Analytics tracks all activities within a specific time frame. But the GA4 will follow the event without adding code to the web page or changing the Google Tag Manager set. It can automatically gather and send essential data, which identifies the individual’s actions.

Codeless tracking events in GA4

*The ref. table with provides an overview of how users interact with the page

3. New Interface
Google Analysis 4 is entirely different from the UA, which makes them popular. It has a lot of noticeable changes, such as enhanced interaction with information (new users, average engagement rate and total revenue), new reporting topics, new navigation organization, and enhanced data tables. It has a user-friendly interface that offers trouble-free navigation.

GA4 New Interface

4. Boost Measurement
One of the most popular features is enhancing the measurement. It aids the marketing team track the audience’s event without frequently updating the web page’s tag. The standard actions are scrolling, outbound clicks, Web page views, file download, website searching, video views, and others. It is perfectly suitable for businesses with a small digital marketing team.

5. Analytics Tracking without Cookies
Many web browsers block cookies, making gathering user information challenging. GA4 offers cookie-free tracking features that work perfectly when people switch from one device to another. Besides, it can fill up gaps where analysis tracking information is imperfect.

GA4 Customer-Centric Measurement


6. Customer-Centric Measurement
Another new feature of Google Analytics 4 is Customer-Centric Measurements. People use various devices and channels to interact with businesses. UA visits the device and media individually to collect the user data. Viewing the customer’s journey is incomplete, but Google analytics 4 fixes this issue. Google signal and User ID provide the complete user interaction view around the platform and device.

7. Tracking Cross Channels
Many marketers are facing difficulty in tracking the user around multiple devices. But GA4 offers cross-channel and cross-device by using logged-in information from Google. People who sign in to Google in the browser and other Google channels allow an expert to explore the clear view of their journey. It will help you to increase the marketing performance and optimize the user expedition. Google Analytics 4 processes the communication of every user through event-based models. In addition, it helps to increase the prediction of user behaviour and flexibility, similar to pathing analysis.


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