Best Practices Of Manual Testing

30 / Sep / 2015 by Shilpa Ranjan 6 comments

Best practice is an approach to do something that gives good result when applied prudently. For testing best practices include many things such as risk-based testing, objectives of testing, verification & validation etc.

Let’s have a brief discussion on four best practices of manual testing to help manage time and efforts of a tester in order to achieve a bug-free application.

Preparing Test Plans:

It is highly beneficial to prepare test plans. It keeps track of possible tests that will run on the system. It is a document that develops as the project is being developed. Test plan ensures all functional and design requirements are implemented as specified in the documentation.The benefit of a test plan is it serves as a guide to testing throughout development.The entire test plan can be used, reused while if regression testing of application is done later on.A  test plan must include error-prone areas of application in order to not miss a critical area.

Test Strategy:

Test Strategy is a document prepared by the Quality Assurance (QA) department with the details of testing approach to reach quality standards.

Maintaining and documenting Test cases:

The key factor of testing is by preparing test cases.Test cases should contain entry and exit criteria, which make the workflow even easier. Well designed test cases are made of three parts input, output and execution order. Test cases can be used to evaluate software usability, performance and reliability. Maintaining test cases results in delivery of higher quality applications.

Knowing the Requirement:

This is one of the best practices that describes the software function and how it will be expected to perform. It captures system behavior as opposed to non-functional requirements specifications, which define attributes as not behavior. This ‘functionality’ refers to services, tasks or functions the user performs using the system.

Hope this blog would have helped to understand some best practices of manual testing. All we need to do is evaluate the best practices and perform.

Happy Testing!!!


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  1. Nina Wurst

    Thanks for good reading, but I`d like to add that manual testing often deeply relies on proper testing software, according to my own experience. It is OK to use something like Google sheets or smth else, but really good thought is to use a specialized QA soft. I, myself, was using EasyQA and was pretty satisfied with the result, hope it`ll come in handy to you too.

  2. Somnath

    Is it any free tool which maintain test cases, currently using excel, which will provide details for different project test cases

  3. Gopesh Verma

    Nice one Shilpa, keep it up.. Would be interesting to see your next posts with more details on Test Strategy and also some test metrics like Defect Density, Heat Map etc… Defect tracking is integral part of testing. Kudoos!!


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