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How to Build a Robust Microservice Architecture? Continuous Delivery and Other Best Practices – Part II

Microservices have really redefined the way traditional and legacy applications were built. In part I, we have provided an overview of microservices and key benefits of microservice architecture. Unlike the monolithic architectural style, microservice architecture helps to bring business agility and improve time to market. Microservices...


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Schedule Lambda On Cron Expression Triggers

Lambda is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) masterpiece which helps in leveraging compute services for a duration of seconds to minutes and hence reduces the infrastructure costs manifolds and its maintenance. The Cron expressions are created, evaluated and triggered using Cloudwatch Management Console. The possible cron expressions for AWS...


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Infographic – 5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Cloud has multiple advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, on-demand provisioning of resources and much more. However, DevOps together with Cloud can be more beneficial. While Cloud helps to modernize the IT infrastructure, DevOps helps to automate it. DevOps not only helps in automating the delivery pipeline but also...


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Top Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

Cloud is a key enabler to transformation and growth. In the recent years, Cloud is a much talked about technology. Businesses and enterprises are adopting cloud not only to simplify the infrastructure provisioning process but also to stay ahead of the competition. Traditional and legacy organizations however at times are skeptical of...


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S3 Bucket Configuration With Drupal 8

Drupal provides both public and private file systems. S3 File System (Amazon S3) provides an additional file system to the Drupal site. S3FS module is used to store files in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) or any other S3-compatible storage service. You can configure your Drupal site to use S3 File System as default, or use it only for...


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DevOps for Startups – 6 Technical Considerations Before You Kick Start!

Companies around the globe are investing a lot of time, money and efforts in building innovative products. In such a competitive landscape, it is highly critical to maintain the business agility and improve time to market. A decade back operations and development teams used to work in silos making the release cycles long. Over the last...


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Introduction to Azure Container Service

Azure Container Service (ACS) provided by Azure helps to simplify the management of Docker clusters for running containerized applications. ACS supports 3 Orchestrators: DC/OS with Marathon, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes. We are using Docker Swarm in this article for the demonstration and assuming that readers of this blog are familiar...


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How to Use Dynamic Inventory for AWS with Ansible?

Do you know how Ansible works? Well, before we walk you through how to setup dynamic inventory, here's some food for thoughts on Ansible Configuration Management System A user using configuration management system will often want to save inventory in a different software system. As described in inventory, a basic text-based system is...


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How to Create Plugin in Nagios Using Bash Script?

Nagios is an open source computer software application that monitors systems, networks, and infrastructure. With Nagios, we can monitor host and configure alerts on the services for servers, switches, applications. It sends alert messages to relevant people through emails when things go wrong and then sends another alert message when...


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How Convergence of Cutting-Edge Digital Technologies Helps To Achieve Business Agility?

A business’s ability to leverage digital technology and innovate in a rapidly changing business environment is crucial for success. Digitally mature companies are growing at a rapid pace. Leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, they are able to transform business models and operational processes. Legacy companies have the fear to...


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How to Setup Kubernetes Master HA on CentOS?

This blog describes how to set up a high-availability (HA) Kubernetes cluster. This is an advanced topic and setting up a truly reliable, highly available distributed system requires few steps to be performed. We will go into each of these steps in detail, but a summary will help the user as a guide. Here's what the system should...


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[Infographic] 6 Powerful AWS Services to Boost your Cloud Performance

With over a decade into the market, AWS continues to dominate the public cloud infrastructure space by a sizable margin. Most companies have migrated to AWS with a clear mindset to reap the benefits of cloud services such as increased agility, improved efficiency, accelerated development and cost efficiency. However, many businesses still...