Cool way to get/set processed HTML Markup in filters

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There was a case where i had to encrypt the HTML output of the GSP before displaying it to user. There are a lot of ways to do it, but i wanted to make is as simple as possible. Hence here is the pattern i used:


Note: This is just an example, you can use this concept to do thousands of cool things, like: pdf export etc..


<meta name="encrypt" value="true" />

…. misc code
Here what is did is, i created a GSP and just added a meta property to it saying “encrypt true”.


Now here is the Code for the Grails Filters (See inline comments)
def filters = {
all(controller: ‘*’, action: ‘*’) {
before = {
after = { Map model ->
try {
//Get the Site Mesh Page Instance
GSPSitemeshPage sitemeshPage = response?.getContent() as GSPSitemeshPage

//Check if it is actual sitemest page, not just plain rendered content
if (sitemeshPage && sitemeshPage.getPage()) {
//Get the meta property value.
String metaPropValue = sitemeshPage.getProperty("meta.encrypt")
if (metaPropValue && metaPropValue == "true") {
//This is how you can get html contents of head/body after all tags resolved.
String head = new String(sitemeshPage.getHead())
String body = new String(sitemeshPage.getBody())

//Buffer for new body
StreamCharBuffer writer = new StreamCharBuffer()
//Write to buffer new content
} catch (Throwable ex) {
afterView = { Exception e ->



And hence we have this processed content in response 🙂



Kushal Likhi


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  1. Jason John

    Great Article!
    Just for record, this is intelligrape stuff we readers look for, great tips which we can’t find anywhere else.

    I will try the pdf export with this, and let you know. Seems promising though.


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