Day 1 at Springone2gx 2014 | Opening night keynotes

09 / Sep / 2014 by Uday Pratap Singh 0 comments

The much awaited conference of the Java ecosystem “SpringOne 2GX” started in Dallas at the Omni Dallas Hotel with a jam packed hall full of eager registrants. The hall was fully packed pretty soon with 1000+ attendees and we talked to around 250+ people about IntelliGrape, Grails and the amazing work we do at IntelliGrape. We were amazed with such an overwhelming crowd. After the tea breaks and dinner, the keynote started and speakers like Hugh Williams, Juergen Hoeller, Dave Syer, Andrew Glover, Graeme Rocher shared the roadmap for Grails and the current development activity for Spring, Groovy and Grails in general.

A brief snapshot of these are :

  1. The significance of Spring Boot in coming years.
  2. Netflix talked about how they are using Spring Boot.
  3. Groovy’s new features like traits and support for Java 8 lambda expressions.
  4. Groovy development around the new site.
  5. Grails 3.0 new features and its rewrite on Spring Boot.

That was all about the first day at this wonderful conference. Stay tuned for more exciting and the latest updates about SpringOne 2GX right here. Check out a sneak peek into the first day below! 😉


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