Day 4 at SpringOne 2GX 2014 | The Finale

12 / Sep / 2014 by Uday Pratap Singh 0 comments

The final day of SpirngOne 2GX went just like a Mega Finale where they kept best for the last. There were only 3 sessions today, but each one was like one of the best.

Here the few highlights of the sessions

#  Micro Service Architecture with Spring Boot and Groovy : Marco Vermeulen

  • Beautifully explained the concept of micro service architecture, why we need it and how we can do it
  • The session was fully packed with cucumber and Spock test cases
  • Fun filled demo with Zim and Gir
  • Amazing to see TDD done in the session

# Writing AST Transformations – Get Practical in 90 minutes : Baruch Sadogursky

  • Unveiled the magic behind AST transformations
  • Demo on method injection and property injection
  • The whole demo was again TDD where everything becomes green at the end, just like a movie

# Android and Groovy, a winning pair : Cédric Champeau

  • A Showcase of how we can create an android app using groovy and gradle
  • Demo showing a countdown application using groovy
  • Groovy clearly making its way to mobile platforms

That’s how the fun filled 4 days of SpringOne 2GX ended, but all the 4 days were amazing. Thanks to SpringOne 2GX for organizing it so perfectly  and making it biggest Successful event.


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