Day 3 @ adaptTo() 2014 | Grand Finale

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After an eventful second day where we had a hackathon in the end to try all the stuff, something interesting was needed for Final Day and that is exactly what we had.

Six sessions were scheduled for the day:

  • Dynamic Components using Single-Page-Application Concepts by Andon Sikavica, Bojana Popovska
  • OSGi Asynchronous Services: not just another RPC by Michael Dürig
    • Using promise object
    • Decoupling parallelization
    • Better utilization of resources
  • Getting Started with iBeacons and AEM by Bartłomiej Soin
    • Very interesting concept integrating iBeacons with AEM mobile application
  • What’s new in Sling Models 1.1 by Stefan Seifert
      • New annotations
      • Different injectors – Resource Path, Sling object, etc
  • Application architecture with Sling Models by Stefan Seifert
    • Context aware  Dependency Injection
  • The Sling JCR Browser by Sandro Böhme
    • Making Sling JCR Browser more powerful and easy at same time.

But this was not all. After these planned sessions, there were few lightening talks that really were lightening fast and very interesting:

  • Sling Scripting Thymeleaf
  • Mock AEM & Co for Unit Tests
  • Netbeans Sightly extension
  • Brackets Sightly extension
  • Making sense out of logs using Logstash

After these somewhat work related sessions, there was an awesome “Yoyo” act that concluded the conference.

IMG_20140924_115833 IMG_20140924_144229 IMG_20140924_115237 IMG_20140924_144226 IMG_20140924_160629 IMG_20140924_131955 IMG_20140924_134743


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