Domain Knowledge: A Must to Kick Off QA Process

12 / Jun / 2017 by Neelima Sharan 0 comments

Erstwhile, anyone with a ground understanding of testing concepts can start testing an application.

With fast-paced software industry evolution, demand for technical expertise coupled with domain familiarity is gradually increasing.

Quoting an example for better context, suppose a renowned chef well versed in culinary arts working with a new ingredient. Before start cooking with it, he needs to know what kind of flavor it contains, whether it is favorable for dessert or not, whether it will match the cuisine or not.

The same way a domain knowledge adds an advantage to your testing project. Domain specialized experts can test an application in the most predictable way as per the business or end user perspective.

While kicking off with QA processes, right before the Requirement Analysis phase, QA team should gain profound knowledge about the project domain.

Domain knowledge in STLC

There are few essential aspects related to Domain Knowledge which will be beneficial in a productive testing of the project.

  1. A significant awareness of the target audience. For example, an e-learning application will majorly focus on a K12 segment, while testing these types of application, you would be clear that it should be interactive, problem-solving, or simulation based.
  1. Explore competitors of the same industry and their strategies. Suppose an online shopping site lets you browse their products only when you sign up, but you can tour another site without signing up.
  1. A better understanding of known regulations. For instance, as per bank norms, you cannot know your account balance only with your account number, and if a banking application allows you to do so, then it is against the protocol.

Domain Knowledge in QA

Let’s traverse some perks of Domain Knowledge:

  1. It will become easier to prioritize bugs because you are acquainted with the system and direction of your perception will be equivalent with end users.
  1. The testing process can prove to be more productive since you are involved exhaustively into the application, you can propose solutions for any problem statement associated with the business.
  1. QA team will be able to accomplish sky-high quality deliverables as bugs will be identified in earlier stages of the project.
  1. Specialized domain knowledge will add value to your skill sets because you will be brushed up with business nomenclature/terminology.

Few valuable tips to accumulate Domain Knowledge:

  • Domain knowledge sessions by experienced professionals followed by exploratory testing assists in learning about the system more proficiently.
  • Prospect existing projects and try to do some research and self-analyze use cases, business requirements and end-user needs.
  • Study documentation accurately examines functional workflow and business rules thoroughly.

Testing is Questioning a system in order to evaluate it” – James Bach


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