GDSL Awesomeness – Delegating Closure Calls

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Very often we use delegates in our closure calls. It would be great if we could get code-hinting in the closure via the delegates.


Now let us take a very simple scenario, where we made a method “with” which delegates the delegate objet to closure and runs it.

class Delegator {
static def runWith(obj, Closure cl) {
cl.delegate = obj

Delegator.runWith(new MyDelegate()) {
def prop = myDlegateProperty
// And so on we can access delegate’s assets


Now we want out IDE to give us syntax-hint inside the closure for delegate’s methods and properties,
This can be achieved by using the following GDSL script:
//Get the context for all closures
def ctx = context(scope: closureScope())

contributor(ctx, {
//See if closure is called within method "runWith"
def call = enclosingCall("runWith")
if (call) {
//Get the method object of the closure call
def method = call.bind()
//Get class containing that calling method.
def clazz = method?.containingClass
if ("Delegator".equals(clazz?.qualName)) {
//Delegate the closure to the object passed as the first argument.


Hurray! now we have syntax completion for delegate’s assets in our closure.


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Hope It Helped.
Kushal Likhi


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