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What is GeekCombat ?

GeekCombat is an idea building and implementation hackathon. Each team has to build a solution that supports the idea of SMARTER India. It can be a mobile app, a web app, a standalone desktop app, or even an IOT based solution. The aim is to provide a tool that helps put forward the idea and has the potential to change the future and make India ‘Smarter’


‘SMARTER India’ is an initiative towards a smarter approach to fulfill the most pressing needs of individuals and the society to improve the quality of lives. It requires reforms and participation of people. For this, digital and information technology is a major area in focus.We have seen

How this new era is starting to create winners. They are changing how decisions are made. Digital India is the new necessity.

In the initiative toward  ‘SMARTER India’, we come one step forward with our Smart Guard app for Smarter Homes

Smart Guard app is a complete Home Security Project based on IoT. Its Idea is if someones come to your house, and presses bell  and stands in front of the door, and if you are not available at home  , a photo is clicked and a Push Notification with visitor photo is sent to the Android App, if that person is a family member  whose name is added in DB the door gets opened without a push notification on the owner app , if not found in DB then push notification with photo is received to owner on App the owner of house can enable the Door to Open for them or Reject with some message.

Technologies Used In the Project.

1.) Raspberry Pi3 board with openCV and node module installed on it for human face detection algorithm.

2.) Microsoft Cognitive Services- Face API for Face Recognition

3.) Mongolabs for storing family member and visitors information

4.) Cloudinary for storing of all images

5.) An Mobile app for which we use ionic Framework

6.) Some hardware device like Camera , Speaker , Servo Motor etc.


If Someone comes to your home and presses the Door bell , A message is Played on speaker Please wait while the process completes , and camera gets opened , if it detects some human face which is done with the opencv module with some algorithm written then image gets clicked and and the image is saved on cloudinary. Then it is checked with the list of family members stored in database using Microsoft Cognitive Services- Face API which has about 70% accuracy , if it is matched then the door gets unlocked with the message played on speaker welcome  name of the family member for eg ‘abc’ to our home, otherwise push notification is send to the app on owner phone with visitors image with option to accept and reject , if accepted then the door gets unlocked with the message played on speaker welcome abc to our home, Rejection can be done with message or without message. if rejected without message nothing played on speaker or if opted for with message whatever custom message owner type and submit is played on speaker.


Use Cases for Smart Guard app

1.) Tracking of all visitors in case of some theft take place.

2.) Opening of Main Door from any corner of the world.

3.)  Saves man power of guard sitting at main door to maintain list of visitors and opening the door or for conveying some Message

Future Scalability

It can be extended to be used a biometric for registering attendence at offices and can be used at Toll Plaza for registering the amount of rush



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