Grails Console, execute from file.

07 / Sep / 2012 by Hitesh Bhatia 0 comments

Grails Console is one of the most useful plugins available, it provides a console to application to which it’s installed. This plugin can be used to test code snippets amazingly fast, debug app, create patches and scripts.

And the latest update has made it even more fantastic. Now it has an option to execute code from a file. All one needs to do is specify the path and it will run code snippet from that file. Now this is of extreme use because, I used to store my scripts in files for later use. And now I don’t have to copy paste code every time, I can just specify absolute path of the file and it will do rest for me.

Sample Image below shows path of the file as “/home/hitesh/scriptFile” this is the file with the code.
And on the right side, the output screen shows code that was in file and its output below.

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