Linux – Managing applications running on system start-up

14 / Jul / 2010 by Himanshu Seth 0 comments

Rcconf is a tool that we recently discovered. This tool allows you to manage your start-up applications easily.

We found this tool when me and my colleague Aman were trying to identify the processes that we never use but they do eat up a lot of our system resources. We found this link very useful:

The other way to manage system start-up applications is as the page suggests, by using update-rc.d, but rcconf provides an interface which is easy to understand and use.

To install rcconf, run the following command on your command line:

sudo apt-get install rcconf

To run rcconf, you’ll need sudo privileges:

sudo rcconf

The application looks like :

* means that application is a part of startup
Use spacebar to uncheck the application

Save the settings and restart your linux box. I removed unused applications like postgres, tomcat, monit, bluetooth etc.

And my system does feel a bit faster 🙂

~~Himanshu Seth~~


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