Migrate Elastic IP Address from EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC

19 / Jun / 2015 by Prashant Sharma 0 comments

In my recent use case , I thought of migrating EC2 classic elastic IP from EC2 classic to EC2-VPC. So now Amazon does provide this feature to migrate Ip form EC2 classic to EC2 VPC but not sure when it was released. As of know it can be only done using EC2 Query API or AWS CLI.

Moreover there are some key points needs to be focused are given below.

  • Elastic IP address must be allocated to your account
  • Elastic IP must not be associated with an instance.
  • Elastic IP can restored from EC2-Classic from EC2-VPC
  • This feature is available on or after AWS CLI 1.7.33 version
  • Elastic IP address that’s allocated for use in the EC2-VPC platform to the EC2-Classic platform


In this following example we will migrate elastic IP from Ec2 classic to Ec2 VPC


aws ec2 move-address-to-vpc --public-ip


{ "Status": "MoveInProgress" }


I hope this helps to everyone.

Prashant Sharma

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