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AWS Security Re-Check

Security is of prime importance for any cloud vendor including AWS. AWS follows a Shared Responsibility Model for security. As the name Shared Responsibility Model suggests, security on AWS is not the sole responsibility of either AWS or the customer. It is a combined effort from both parties. The responsibility of AWS includes providing...

by Sakshi Singhal
Tag: EC2 Classic


Migrate Elastic IP Address from EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC

In my recent use case , I thought of migrating EC2 classic elastic IP from EC2 classic to EC2-VPC. So now Amazon does provide this feature to migrate Ip form EC2 classic to EC2 VPC but not sure when it was released. As of know it can be only done using EC2 Query API or AWS CLI. Moreover there are some key points needs to be focused are...

by Prashant Sharma
Tag: EC2 Classic