NodeSchool – Delhi NCR, 2015

07 / Jul / 2015 by Sakshi Tyagi 2 comments

And we returned with yet another successful NodeSchool event which was bigger than the last one. NodeSchool-Delhi NCR was conducted on July 4, 2015 at TO THE NEW Digital office. This community event basically got its inspiration from NodeSchool – an open source project run by people in order to enable others to organize more community driven events and to provide good quality workshops.

Node.js and Javascript enthusiasts from all over Delhi-NCR, participated in the event with great zeal. The footfall was around 80% of what we expected which is quite a good number.

The event started with a keynote speech by Shweta Sharma, AVP, MEAN Stack Team, TO THE NEW Digital. She talked about Node.js and how it is taking the industry by storm.


The first session was on Node Streams, presented by Kushal Likhi, Founder, Innox Technologies. He discussed different types of streams and their power in Node.js. He also explained the technology using a real life example from one of his projects. After this enlightening session, we jumped to two workshops: ‘learnyounode’ and ‘stream-adventures’.

People who wanted to get their hands on the basic Node.js concepts opted for ‘learnyounode’ and some of them who already had a basic understanding of Node.js, explored streams in details by ‘stream-adventure’. Many of us volunteered as mentors and helped others in workshops, which proved to be very interactive and knowledgeable exercises for both mentors as well as attendees.

Post lunch, Kashish Gupta and Deepak Vishwakarma from TO The NEW Digital shared some thoughts on “Hapi.js” framework of Node.js. They talked about how Hapi framework is beneficial over other frameworks, the ease of configuration and usage of plugins in Hapi. Also in-built support for API documentation (Swagger plugin) was an eye opener. Followed by this, we had a ‘make-me-hapi’ workshop.

The event concluded with a healthy discussion on how we can improve on future events. The attendees took away some cool swag to flaunt. The positive reaction from the attendees motivated us to plan more events like this in near future.


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  1. Manish Tuteja

    Awesome work guys ! I am surprised by the fact that Node.js and MEAN stack is finally being discussed and taught back in Delhi, India.


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