Playing different Videos with Exo-Player in Android TV

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There are usually 3 types of videos while streaming in any Video Player. While working on Android TV we categorize these in

  1. Dash Videos

  2. HLS Videos (.m3u8 & .ts)

  3. Others (.mp4,.mpeg etc)

We need different types of ExtractorRendererBuilder for playing different videos with Exo-Player. In this article I will be describing the difference between Other Videosand HLS Videos (.m3u8 & .ts).

For HLS Videos we need to create different ExtractorRenderBuilder for reference I will be taking them as HlsExtractorRendererBuilder and ExtractorRendererBuilder respectively.

In PlaybackFragment getRendererBuilder() method will be implemented somewhat like this

[java]private VideoPlayer.RendererBuilder getRendererBuilder() {
String userAgent = Util.getUserAgent(getContext(), "ExoVideoPlayer");
Uri contentUri = Uri.parse(mSelectedVideo.videoUrl);
int contentType = Util.inferContentType(contentUri.getLastPathSegment());
switch (contentType) {
case Util.TYPE_OTHER: {
return new ExtractorRendererBuilder(getContext(), userAgent, contentUri);
case Util.TYPE_HLS: {
return new HlsExtractorRendererBuilder(getContext(), userAgent, contentUri);
default: {
throw new IllegalStateException("Unsupported type: " + contentType);

userAgent : Util.getUserAgent() gives ExoVideoPlayer which tells that what kind of VideoPlayer we are going to use. Internal implementation of getUserAgent() is

public static String getUserAgent(Context context, String applicationName) {
String versionName;
try {
String packageName = context.getPackageName();
PackageInfo info = context.getPackageManager().getPackageInfo(packageName, 0);
versionName = info.versionName;
} catch (NameNotFoundException e) {
versionName = "?";
return applicationName + "/" + versionName + " (Linux;Android " + Build.VERSION.RELEASE
+ ") " + "ExoPlayerLib/" + ExoPlayerLibraryInfo.VERSION;

ContentUri : Video Url to be played

contentType : Util.inferContentType() extracts the video type. Internal implementation of inferContentType() is

[java]public static int inferContentType(String fileName) {
if (fileName == null) {
return TYPE_OTHER;
} else if (fileName.endsWith(".mpd")) {
return TYPE_DASH;
} else if (fileName.endsWith(".ism")) {
return TYPE_SS;
} else if (fileName.endsWith(".m3u8")) {
return TYPE_HLS;
} else {
return TYPE_OTHER;
For playing different type of videos we create different rendererbuilders, Each RenderBuilder class implements RenderBuilder interface and we need to implement buildRenderers() and cancel() methods.

Playing TYPE_OTHER Videos in ExoPlayer

The buildRenderers() for TYPE_OTHER videos would be as following code.


public void buildRenderers(VideoPlayer player) {

Allocator allocator = new DefaultAllocator(BUFFER_SEGMENT_SIZE);

Handler mainHandler = player.getMainHandler();

// Build the video and audio renderers.

DefaultBandwidthMeter bandwidthMeter = new DefaultBandwidthMeter(mainHandler, null);

DataSource dataSource = new DefaultUriDataSource(context, bandwidthMeter, userAgent);

ExtractorSampleSource sampleSource = new ExtractorSampleSource(uri, dataSource, allocator,


MediaCodecVideoTrackRenderer videoRenderer = new MediaCodecVideoTrackRenderer(context,

sampleSource, MediaCodecSelector.DEFAULT, MediaCodec.VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_SCALE_TO_FIT, 5000,

mainHandler, player, 50);

MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer audioRenderer = new MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer(sampleSource,

MediaCodecSelector.DEFAULT, null, true, mainHandler, player,

AudioCapabilities.getCapabilities(context), AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC);

TrackRenderer textRenderer = new TextTrackRenderer(sampleSource, player,


// Invoke the callback.

TrackRenderer[] renderers = new TrackRenderer[VideoPlayer.RENDERER_COUNT];

renderers[VideoPlayer .TYPE_VIDEO] = videoRenderer;

renderers[VideoPlayer .TYPE_AUDIO] = audioRenderer;

renderers[VideoPlayer .TYPE_TEXT] = textRenderer;

player.onRenderers(renderers, bandwidthMeter);


We include Video, Audio, Text types of renderer as per our need.


public void cancel() {

//Do Nothing


Playing TYPE_HLS Videos in ExoPlayer

As we know that HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming, So we need to implement AsyncRendererBuilder for streaming HLS type of Videos.

BuildRenderers() for HLS Videos :


public void buildRenderers(DemoPlayer player) {

currentAsyncBuilder = new AsyncRendererBuilder(context, userAgent, url, player);



Cancel() fir HLS Videos:


public void cancel() {

if (currentAsyncBuilder != null) {


currentAsyncBuilder = null;


For reference of demo with exoplayer kindly fork from Github-HlsVideoSample


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