Posting status update on twitter using Twitter4j

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In the previous post, we saw how to Retweet any user’s tweet from our application. In the same project, i needed to post a new tweet on behalf of the authenticating user from the application using Twitter API.

Posting a new status update is quite easy using Twitter4j library.

For making any twitter API calls we need to have twitter account access_token and access_secret, which we obtains after authorizing/connecting twitter account with the application as mentioned in this blog.

String consumerKey = CONSUMER_KEY // key obtained after registering app.
String consumerSecret =CONSUMER_SECRET // secret key obtained from the registered app.
String twitterToken = USER_TWITTER_TOKEN
// access_token received by authentication user’s twitter account
String twitterSecret= USER_TWITTER_SECRET
// access_secret obtained by authentication user’s twitter account
String statusUpdate = // message to be posted


Code to create new Twitter Post :-

TwitterFactory factory = new TwitterFactory()
Twitter twitter = factory.getInstance()
twitter.setOAuthConsumer(consumerKey, consumerSecret)
AccessToken accessToken = new AccessToken(twitterToken, twitterSecret)
Status status = twitter.updateStatus(statusUpdate)

So, this code will create a new Twitter post on behalf of the authenticating user using API calls.

Hope this helps.

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