Removing/replacing special character from database.

11 / Jun / 2012 by Anuj Aneja 0 comments

Recently in one of my project i faced a problem that database was having special character, which is shown as space on the User Interface.

So as to solve this issue i found a very simple solution which consists of following steps:

1. First, you just need to identify which type special character to be removed/replaced like in my case it was shown as space but stored as <?> in the db.

For that you can use the query.

select HEX(email) from person;

and you can also refer to this link for ASCII code of character. In my case it was 160.

2.  Now, next step is simple just run this query.

 update person set email=replace(email,char(160),''); 

Thats it !!!  :)

It helps me a lot!!! Hope that helps you guys!!!

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