Anuj Aneja


Removing/replacing special character from database.

Recently in one of my project i faced a problem that database was having special character, which is shown as space on the User Interface. So as to solve this issue i found a very simple solution which consists of following steps: 1. First, you just need to identify which type special character to be removed/replaced like in my case...



Mysql top just like we have top command in Linux

Once in my grails project i was facing the problem of freeze of server.When this happens tomcat becomes unresponsive.Later on by analyzing the thread dump we found that this problem might be due to the database and tomcat communication. So as to analyse how many connection are active at mysql end we found a query. Show processlist; ...



Making your own custom command for a script file which can be executed from any user.

One way to execute the script file via command can be making of alias and put it in .bashrc , but this will only be available to that user. So for creating a user-defined command which can be executed from any where for any user following steps need to be followed: 1. Make a script file which has the set of commands to be executed and...



Getting started with extJS

Ext.JS JavaScript Framework a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications. It is built for developing high performance, customizable UI widgets and features a well designed, documented and extensible Component model. It is available in both Commercial and Open Source licenses are available. Step 1: First...



File Uploading using plupload plugin of jquery.

In my grails project i was having the requirement of having multiple file uploading, but in current implementation there was the problem of button being not loaded in Internet Explorer.For that i found plupload very cool to implement this. It has very cool feature of drag and drop and support for almost all browser. Actually what it does...



PageChangeListener for debugging in functional testing using Geb

While using Geb for fuctional testing i require some deugging support so i use PageChangeListener and i found it very useful to find flow of pages while testing my application fuctionally.What it does is it will show the page flow from one page to another.For that we need to just register the PageChangeListener with browser in your ...



Using Custom Tag for embedding the Video in Grails

I had to make a video available on my GSP page. So I looked at the grails flash-player plugin.  After going through the documentation I found that it could not be used with videos on YouTube. This code given below will generate the script for the flash player on your GSP for playing youtube videos. [html] <object...