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Offline Data Transfer in Android

Offline data transfer in Android is a way to transfer data among devices wirelessly without any network accessibility. There are many ways for connecting devices sans cables such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi Direct, SIP, etc. Despite the fact that a large audience is looking towards internet solutions, these ways have their unique use cases...

by Shalini Prajesh
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SQL Your Application Safe?

We all have search functionality in our applications. It is one of the most core features you would find ranging from searching for users, products, companies, etc.  But are you sure your search functionality is doing exactly what it is supposed to do? You might have written test cases for it as well. But still, there are things...

by Sachin Gulati
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How to Set up PhpPgAdmin for PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system (ORDBMS). The version 8.0 and above also comes with the native Windows compatibility. Compared to other RDBMSs, PostgreSQL differs itself with its object-oriented and/or relational database functionality, such as the complete support for reliable transactions,...

by Anup Yadav
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Introduction to LDAP Server – OpenDJ 3.0

OpenDJ is a directory server which implements a wide range of Lightweight Directory Access Protocols (LDAP). OpenDJ is written in Java language. It was an internal project started by Sun Microsystems, which is now maintained by Forgerock. Steps to set-up OpenDJ LDAP Server: Register to and download the .zip or...

by Mayank Negi
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How to Reduce the Number of Druid Segments?

We have been using Druid in our project for a while and had shared our experiences during GIDS. It has given us great results as it powers our real-time dashboards, reports on running Ad campaigns and provides real-time data to make quick decisions. But like any other databases there will be times when it needs to be optimized. This is...

by Aseem Bansal
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The Most Awaited Feature “SQL Joins” is Now Available in MongoDB 3.2

SQL Joins are used to combine documents/rows from 2 or more tables based upon common field present in them. MongoDB 3.2 launched the most awaited feature "Joins" which is supported in SQL database however was not present in the earlier version of MongoDB. This feature will change the way you design your database schema and application...

by Pawan Goyal
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Leveraging AWS Data Pipeline To Easily Move Relational Data Between AWS, On-Premise Or Other Services

In today's time of data-oriented applications, there is a constant change and challenge in requirements of data onboarding from and to varied sources. You may find yourself stuck between traditional and time-consuming methodologies of data migration. These may incur unnecessary costs and other overheads, eventually affecting the delivery....

by Aakash Agarwal
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Database Migration using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

AWS DMS is a web service that is used to migrate the databases to and from an Amazon RDS DB instance, or a database on an Amazon EC2 instance, or on-premises. We can migrate data between homogenous or heterogeneous database engines. One of the two endpoints must always be in AWS. The source and target database may be in same VPC or in...

by Shivam Agrawal
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Too Many Indexes May kill your DB performance

Everyone thinks of creating index, but nobody pays attention towards removing them once they are created and not required .Too many indexes or unnecessary index can degrade your DB performance. To Optimize indexes in mongo we need to understand following things : How indexes works in mongoDB: Let’s say we have created compound...

by Pawan Goyal
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FullStack 2016,London : Day 3

Second day of FullStack, 2016 London was full of knowledge, great workshops and more amazing people. It felt so good to meet people who have developed some awesome products that we have been using since long and provide an experience to our customers. I got a chance to talk with Heroku and twillio and they explained their future vision to...

by Komal Jain
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Database, Manual Testing

How to Perform Database Testing?

In the previous blogs, Overview of Database Testing and What should we test in a Database we got a fair idea about database testing concepts and types of database testing. Now with this blog, we are moving a step ahead to enhance our knowledge by defining the keys steps that will help in performing “Database Testing” DBMS vs RDBMS ...

by Sankalp Grover
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