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08 / Apr / 2014 by Nikhil Bhandari 0 comments

While working on my current application, I had to import a large database using mysql from a sql dump. The size of the sql dump was around 1.5 GB and hence the import was taking long time. I just felt the need of some tool that could help me check the progress of the import.

The command I used was:

mysql –user=username –password=password database_name < dump.sql

So I searched and thankfully, found an ubuntu package, PipeViewer(pv) which shows a neat progress-bar with useful information such as time elapsed, percentage completed (with progress bar), current throughput rate, total data transferred, and ETA.

To install simply type:

sudo apt-get install pv

Example usage:

pv dump.sql | mysql –user=username –password=password databse_name

I hope you’ll find this post usefull.

Nikhil Bhandari
IntelliGrape Software Pvt. Ltd.

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