Show status of MySQL imports using PipeViewer

While working on my current application, I had to import a large database using mysql from a sql dump. The size of the sql dump was around 1.5 GB and hence the import was taking long time. I just felt the need of some tool that could help me check the progress of the import. The command I used was: [sql] mysql --user=username...

by Nikhil Bhandari
Tag: terminal


Modify promt to make it GIT specific.

We use git a lot, and one of the most used commands is "git branch". Few Months back we found a script that enabled us to modify our prompt so that it shows our current branch. We have modified it further to add extra functionality, and our modified script enables prompt to show number of files modified, number untracked files, and also...

by Hitesh Bhatia
Tag: terminal


Bash script to open a terminal with multiple tabs on Linux start-up

All of the tasks performed by us after system startup such as opening a browser, MySql etc can be automated by following the steps mentioned below : 1. Write a script:- [bash] sleep 1m;gnome-terminal --geometry=150x50 --tab --title="echo" -e "bash -c \"echo "hello";echo "there";exec...

by Nitesh
Tag: terminal